Akiki & organic biodynamic farming

Organic farming is about freedom, freedom for fruit and veg to grow at their own pace. Freedom for animals to roam and eat a natural diet and freedom from any synthetic input. The use of pesticides, nitrates, antibiotics and genetically modified food stuffs are prohibited by organic regulation and farms are closely inspected to ensure high standard of food production are adhered to.

Farming to Demeter standards, food is produced unadulterated without additives, solvents or irradiation. Biodynamic farming is a term that may be unfamiliar to some and is key in understanding the way in which we operate as a small family run farm. To understand our prices and our dedication you must first understand the difference between running organically and running Biodynamically. To be biodynamic we must resort to absolutely zero intervention of any kind to the growth of our plants. When we say we rely on only sun, water and soil quality it is exactly what we mean. We have spent over 20 years perfecting our ability To produce of a biodynamic standard through constant development, our farming methods go back generations applying knowledge and understanding of nature.

Through trial and error, the quality of our food only improves with time as the quality of our soil is developed through biodynamic practices; recycling, reusing and maintaining in order to create flavour and quality like no other. Our fruit and veg can be grown in any way shape or form as we let nature take its course highlighting the beauty of the unforeseeable realities of our environment. The unpredictable nature of the weather can throw off our yearly schedule but working with nature only means we must adapt and accept any changes the environment goes through. Nothing on our farm is produced forcefully as we let nature take its course, for us no season is the same and therefore you could say we are still constantly learning as every year is just as challenging as the next. Nothing produced on our farm ever goes to waste, we utilise every last bit of food old or new.

We take great pride in the maintenance of our livestock by paying the closest attention to their living conditions and quality of life, treating every last living being down to the ants, with respect; as we know that all organisms on our farm play a crucial part in the growth cycle of our produce and the health of our soil. We are most proud that nothing external influences our farming and the farm is maintained off of the sheer hard work and determination of those who share our ethos of maintaining this old generation farming style that relies on hard practice and hands on experience.

We sell directly to our customers on the London farmers markets as we ourselves are present at every single step of the growth of our food; from the planting, to the weeding, picking and packing we share every step with the customer as it is all done by hand. Therefore selling face to face with those who share our passion helps us to share our journey with more clarity and knowledge as we can detail every single step each leaf down to the seeds on the strawberries have taken to get to your kitchen table. We have chosen this traditionally, community based way of selling as we have many customer who believe, as we do, that it is important to know exactly what you are eating, the impact production has had on the environment and the route food takes to your home.

Organic Farming