Akiki Organics, 100% Natural Demeter Produce, Worcestershire

Akiki & Organic Farming

Organic farming is about freedom, freedom for fruit and veg to grow at there own pace, freedom for animals to roam and eat a natural diet and freedom from synthetic input. The use of pesticides, nitrates, antibiotics and genetically modified foodstuffs are prohibited by organic regulation and farms are closely insepcted to ensure high standards of food production are adhered to. Farming to Demeter standards (www.biodynamic.org.uk) food is produced unadultered without additives, solvents or irradiation with external inputs kept to a minimum.

Produce grown on Elms Farm is sold directly to the consummer either through our online shop (to be launched soon) or at Farmers Markets offering the opportunity to meet the producer directly. We sell seasonally grown fruits and vegetables, grown within a drivable distance of the market that has been picked within 12 hours of setting up the stall.

We have chosen this traditionally, community based way of selling as we have many customers who believe, as we do, that it is important to know exactly what you are eating, the impact production has had on the environment and the route food takes to their table.

Forthcoming Farmers markets

Marylebone Farmers Market: Cramer street car park, London, W1U 4EW. 10am- 2pm: Every Sunday.

South Kensington Farmers Market, Bute Street, SW7 3EX; 10am-2pm: Every Saturday

Moseley Farmers Market, Village Green, 9am-3pm: Fourth Saturday/Monthly

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